Parts Of Research Paper - One Minute Guide For Rookies

Are you a rookie in research paper writing but you would like to learn how to do it in the shortest time possible? This does not have to worry you so much. The main things you need to master are the various parts of a research paper. If you are not at par with them, you should consider reading this article as it will guide you appropriately on what you are required to do. Below are the major arts you should be conversant with:

  • The title
  • The first thing to look at when crafting a research paper is the topic. You might be directed by your lecturer on what kind of topic you need to compose. Some people are good at creating topics but others are poor. Therefore, if you are one of those who are clueless, simply consider making it brief, enchanting and simple to understand. Brevity does not however mean that you need to shorten it to the extreme. It simply refers to a topic that is within a range of thirteen to twenty words. Normally, your title should appear on the title page.

  • Introduction
  • This is the second part of a research paper. It not a single paragraph: There are many things that the writer has to jot down. For instance, you have to give you broad objective, the specific objective, the statement of the problem, a brief note on the materials and methods used and the background information. These should be written in a logical order to ensure a smooth flow of information.

  • Literature review
  • In this section, one has to the writer is mainly expected to give data that shows he or she has read extensively from different books. This ensures you convince the reader how far you can get the work done answered.

  • Results
  • The most important thing to know about the results is that, they need to be pertinent to the objectives. There are many ways for presenting the results. For instance, you can choose to tabulate them, use graphs or simply stick to the text presentation. However, using a combination of these methods is totally acceptable.

  • Discussion and conclusion
  • In writing the discussion section, the writer is expected to give possible explanations of the results he or she has gotten from the field. The concluding part should be simply a summary of everything that has been included in the text.

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