Where To Go Looking For Free Research On Bullying

Most people have had at least one experience in their lifetimes where they felt pushed around unfairly by someone who occupied a position of power over them. This situation can be called may different things depending on which place it occurs and the ages of the participants. It may be verbal abuse, hate speech or in a school setting, bullying. This has been known to cause emotional scars which people carry throughout their lives. As a result, there are many studies on the phenomena and the best methods that can be used to snuff it out and create welcoming learning environments.

If you choose to research this topic and you want sources of information to include in your paper, here are some starting points to consider:

Do some surveys in your school

Whether you are in college or elementary school, there are bound to be people who have experienced some type of bullying in their lives. If not, consider yourself extremely lucky and reach out to people who attend other schools or reword your survey. You may be able to collect information on how the absence of bullying leads to more creative thought

Check out a library

Most libraries have research material from previously conducted studies tucked away in a corner. Ask the person in charge where t start looking. You may be able to access some of the best journals or have to sift through dusty tomes in a corner by yourself. Be prepared for anything.

Ask your school’s social worker or guidance counselor

If your school has a guidance counselor, social worker or any other professional in a similar field on staff, that person will most likely have documents on bullying on hand. It’s an integral part of their training if they intend to make a difference in the lives of school age children.

Search the web

Without anyone else’s help or intervention, you can access mountains of data on bullying just be doing a general web search. This information will need to be sorted. Some will not be very useful at all but all you need is some of it to suit your purposes. The other sources would also have most likely yielded fruit so their would be no need to rest all your hopes on the web search bearing fruit.

By writing well you may be able to help bullying become a thing of the past.

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