7 Suggestions On How To Compose A Strong Research Paper About Ebola

Writing a research paper involves a gradual process and you cannot complete it overnight. If you are to create an effective research paper about any subject, you have to take your time to plan it and then move towards the execution. Students looking to write such academic papers must have effective time management and organizational skills. This is important when writing lengthy and complicated assignments

If you are to write a research paper on Ebola virus, you should devise a plan and move in gradual steps. Here are seven important suggestions to help you compose a strong paper

  1. Choose a unique topic
  2. The first thing you need for your paper is a topic that you will focus on. According to the standards, this should be something that no one has yet talked about and that will increase the information of other students after reading your paper. You should pick such an aspect of the virus that can engage your audience and points towards a solution

  3. Gather relevant information
  4. Once you have the topic to begin with, you should not jump straight to the writing phase. You have to complete the pre-writing phase by collecting evidence and relevant information about the subject. You should use valid resources to gather your data so that you can convince the audience of your ideas. It is important to write down the references of all the sources you use in your paper because you have to cite them later

  5. Develop your thesis statement
  6. Create a thesis statement based on the topic you have created and data you have gathered. This statement is a summary, extract of your entire paper, and shows the overall purpose of your paper. A thesis statement shows your reader what actually your paper is all about

  7. Create an effective outline
  8. An outline acts as a roadmap for your paper. This will help you organize your ideas and create a sound structure for your paper. You have to make sure that you follow the right format and structure

  9. Organize your notes
  10. Organize the notes you have made during the research because each section in the paper is unique and every source must have a citation

  11. Start the writing process
  12. Write the first draft using the outline and data available

  13. Revise and proofread
  14. Edit and proofread your assignment

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