The Main Parts Of A Research Paper Bibliography: Writing Tutorial For Dummies

A quality research paper or a journal is incomplete and unacceptable without a good bibliography. It goes a long way to define your work and the references used in your field of research. It gives creditability to your paper, making it even more interesting. Writing a good bibliography is an art, which not everyone can master. People often have a hard time to write and present a good citation. A bit of assistance and proper guidance, and your citation is as impressive as the research paper itself.

Proper and systematic compilation of the various sources used as references in your research

  • Before writing a paper bibliography, it is very important that you compile the various sources systematically. A systematic compilation of the various references used, can save a lot of your precious time.
  • While writing a citation, many researchers tend to make a silly mistake of underlining as well as italicizing the publication titles. This is an incorrect way to present a citation. The publication titles that are being included in the citation should be underlined or italicized, but never both.
  • The MLA (Modern Language Association) and the APA (American Psychological Association) are the most common citation systems used in writing a bibliography. It should be noted that the main paper and the citation should be written using the same citation system. Two different citation systems in the same paper can lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion and chaos.
  • While writing a citation, the author’s last name should be cited alphabetically, followed by the publication date. For references with two authors, cite the last name of both the authors.
  • In case of references with more than two authors, mention the last name of the first author, followed by “et al.”
  • For references without an author name, the article or reference title should be entered alphabetically.
  • If you have quoted an author or a reference within the text, it is important to cite the reference in the bibliography as well.
  • While writing a citation, you need to be very alert. Include and cite only the sources that have been instrumental in your work. Do not make your citation unnecessarily lengthy and monotonous. It can have a huge impact on the overall quality of your research paper.

These small but useful tips can help you a great deal to master the art of writing research paper bibliographies.

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