A List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics For University Students

Interesting and intriguing research paper topic ideas can make the writing process more interesting. Since you have the opportunity to choose your topic think about what you want to learn more about. Your topic may be something close to the ordinary but with a twist. You may be interested in learning progress about a problem or you want to follow up on research started in the past on a concern or issue. Whatever you choose to write about make sure it has an element of intrigue that will make others want to read it in its entirety. Here are 10 ideas for a research paper for university students.

  1. 1. Terrorism funding. How do terror groups get money to commit acts of terror? Your research paper may explore a terror group and how they make money.
  2. 2. The cost of raising a child. Why has the cost of raising a child increased in the last few years? Are parents expected to spend a specific amount or are there ways to save more money.
  3. 3. Cellphone technology. Why do cellphones cost so much? A research paper can explore important parts of technology and why they play a role in how cellphone products are priced. Which type of cellphones is most popular?
  4. 4. Internet security. How has internet security changed in recent years? A research paper can explore different ways internet security has helped or hurt how people utilize the internet. What challenges have large businesses faced in keeping information private and confidential?
  5. 5. Climate change. What evidence is there that climate change is being caused by humans?
  6. 6. Drug abuse. Which drugs are abused most often? What is the most effective way to help a person overcome drug abuse? Why have methods failed?
  7. 7. Domestic violence. Compare domestic violence rates of one country versus another. Your research paper can explore differences in how the offender and victim are punished and/or treated (treatment).
  8. 8. Health and illness. Which illnesses are most threatening to humans in current society? What is the latest illness that experts claim is newly discovered and where did it come from?
  9. 9. Budgeting. What are easy ways people can stay on a budget each month? Why is it so difficult to stay on a budget?
  10. 10. Religion. When bad things happen how do they connect with God or the devil?