Coming Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics On Zoos

How do you come up with a really fascinating topic for this assignment? You could be struggling with what to pick; or maybe you’re so overloaded and/or bored with assignments, that you just can’t engage with the project at all. Well, first thing’s first: take a deep breath, get organized and focus. The more interested you are in your essay, the more interesting it will be!

  • Be passionate!
  • So, you should most definitely pick a topic that you are passionate about. This will make the writing an enjoyable process for you as much as it will entice the reader more. If you’re passionate about your theme, then it’s also likely that you’ll be familiar with some of the references you have in mind to use, which could speed up the study phase of your assignment.

  • Where to begin?
  • There are many areas you could look at in this broad subject field. Are you interested in the history of zoos? Perhaps it’s animal welfare that is at the top of your concerns, and you may want to write of the change in practice, law or morality. Could it be you want to discuss the future of zoos?

    Whichever subject you choose, be as specific as you can. Narrow it down into a suitable research essay question that you have clear and concise ideas for your aims and objectives and what results you hope to achieve from your study. Let’s say you want to write about animal welfare. You could narrow this down to a title such as: How animal welfare was largely ignored in zoos in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the twentieth century and how, why and when public reaction caused the welfare model to be changed.

  • You can’t beat a bit of study!
  • Have a look around! Go to your campus library and find old student theses on the subject. Look in books, go online and visit your local library. The more places you look for your research, the more well-rounded information you’ll have to base your subject decision on. Once you know the issues that are important, and that there are sources that can back up the enquiry you wish to make in your essay, it will be easier to refine your topic.

  • Be original.
  • To go head and shoulders above the rest, you should try and pick something different. This may be a more unique way of looking at a common theme, or it could be a completely unique approach. The more original you can make your assignment, the greater it will be.

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