Research Paper Writing Ideas: Choosing A Unique Topic

Choosing a topic is the most difficult part of writing any academic paper. Your teacher may ask you to write on some general issue, but it is up to you to decide which of the aspects of this issue to cover. In other cases, you are allowed to write about anything you want. Whatever task you get, your research paper will be a hit if you don’t repeat others and select a unique idea to explore. Moreover, you should formulate your topic correctly and make it narrow enough. Here are some great tips on how to successfully manage the task:

  • Gather ideas.
    • Try to recollect what you have been recently discussing in class. Did your teacher stress some points of the issue? Look into your lecture notes to get some ideas.
    • Brainstorm and write down all interesting thoughts that come to your head.
    • Watch news to know current situation in the field.
    • Browse the Internet. You are likely to come across lots of unique materials on educational websites and news portals.
  • Choose an issue you feel strongly about.
  • You should have personal interest in the topic idea so as not to get bored until the last page of your research paper.

  • Narrow down your topic.
  • Let it be manageable and accurately fit the size of your assignment. Good topics include an event, person, time, and optionally, a place.

If your research paper topic is narrow and interesting, it will definitely be unique. The following list illustrates appropriately formulated original topics for your reference:

  • - Modern scientific approaches to the issue of love, or why do people fall in love?
  • - “Pink slime”: what is it and can it be legally used in food industry nowadays?
  • - Texting and its impact on teen literacy in the US.
  • - Green tourism: how does it influence wildlife in your region?
  • - A male nurse versus a female nurse: who is more likely to get a job nowadays?
  • - Paranormal activities: can we rely on empirical evidence on the issue?
  • - Investigation into handwriting: how can it be analyzed nowadays?
  • - Being socially anxious versus being shy: why do people want to be socially approved?
  • - Effects of “one child policy” on modern life in China.
  • - Analysis of body language: what are the signs that a man is attracted to a woman (and vice versa)?
  • - Investigation into social help programs for single pregnant women in your country.
  • - How do social networking websites affect children and teens in your country? Analysis of national surveys and statistics.

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