How To Write The Body Of A Research Paper Successfully

At higher level of studies, in colleges and universities, students are required to prepare research papers where they have to choose a topic of their choice from their respective field of expertise and write on it. Such papers are used for exploring ideas on scientific, technical and social issues. For the beginners this might be a daunting experience, but the entire process can be made simpler by organising things well and with a good focus of mind.

After choosing the topic the most difficult part of writing a paper is wiring the main body of it. The body of a research paper is the main text which attracts attention for the readers. It is that part which contains all the details related to the topic.

In order to write a good body for the paper one should do the following:

  • Putting together different things
  • The task of putting together different things in a suitable format presentable to the audience is the most important and difficult task for a student. There are many different ways to do this and one can select the style accordingly. In order to this one has to make an outline and then link ideas and evidences with paragraphs and sentences, sounds, visuals, movements or a combination of these.

  • Beginning the body
  • The beginning of the body should be about the first subtopic mentioned in the outline. The introduction is meant to be included later. The body is supposed to be containing all the information about the subtopic and also about the evidences supporting the research and thesis statement.

    Once the entire body of the research is written, the student should do a proof read and check for all spelling and grammatical errors.

Some popular topics for a research paper are:

  • Civil disobedience
  • Civil unions
  • Cheap labour
  • Road rage
  • Mining
  • Censorship
  • Journalism
  • Abstinence program
  • Marijuana legalisation
  • Overpopulation
  • Homeland security

After choosing the appropriate paper topic, the student needs to carry out the required research relating to it. A research writing to be successful requires a lot of facts and figures and evidences to support it. If it contains eminent people’s quotes and writings then it proves to be more proficient.