A List Of Impressive Research Paper Topics On Depression

Depression is a mental illness that affects countless people across the globe, and causes untold misery for the sufferers and those close to them. That’s why it’s such an important topic to research. That being said, it may be a bit tough to choose a great topic for a paper about depression. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this outstanding list of impressive research paper topics about depression to help you along.

  • Gender differences in the rates of depression
  • Women have significantly higher rates of depression than men do. Discuss the possible reasons for this well-documented difference.

  • Cultural differences in the manifestation of depression
  • There is quite a lot of research that suggests that there may be a few significant differences in the way depression manifests in people from different cultures. There are a number of different theories about why this is the case, and you can discuss these theories.

  • Possible causes of depression
  • Many researchers have tried to pinpoint the causes of depression, but it’s no easy task. Consequently, there are many theories about the causes of depression that you can compare and contrast to each other.

  • Depression in animals
  • While some cats and dogs are prescribed antidepressant medications for anxiety, there is much debate about whether it is possible for an animal to get depression. You can explain this debate.

  • Treatment for depression
  • Depression can be treated with medication and/or therapy of some type. Choose a type of therapy and discuss how it can be applied in the treatment of depression.

  • Postnatal depression
  • Postnatal depression affects both the new mother, and her baby. Explain how a new mother’s depression can affect her child’s development.

  • Preventing depression
  • Prevention of depression is vital, and there are a number of suggestions about how to go about preventing it. List and describe these suggestions, and any research about them.

  • Comorbidity
  • Sadly, depression is not a solitary illness; it often goes hand-in-hand with other mental illnesses. Discuss the mental illnesses that are comorbid with depression.

  • Childhood depression
  • Childhood depression is a tragic illness that is affecting more and more children. You can explain exactly what childhood depression is and how it differs from depression in adults.

  • Depression and physical illnesses
  • In addition to being related to other mental illnesses, depression often brings physical ailments, such as stomachaches and headaches. Explain why this is so often the case.

Depression is a truly devastating illness, and perhaps the topic you choose will enable you to write a research paper that will help move the field of study forward in some important way.