Interesting Research Paper Topics On Religion: 20 Fresh Examples

Religion has always been regarded as a sensitive, broad and controversial topic to discuss both in speech and in writing. For this reason, it is definitely a tough subject to expound as it could be intriguing and offensive to some. In addition, it is very crucial to conduct a great amount of research about this topic. Essentially, it is imperative for you to ensure that your ideas or points are based on facts.

Here are 20 fresh religion topic examples you can consider if you are at a loss for subject to write:

  1. Should there be some exclusive laws for the protection of holy and religious places all over the globe?
  2. The Role of Leadership in the Development of Youth Ministry
  3. What is your idea or understanding about the psychology of atheist?
  4. Is abortion ever morally acceptable?
  5. Discuss religious law and ethics
  6. Women in the Protestant Religion
  7. Can Christianity make the world a better place?
  8. What is your viewpoint about the separation of the state and the church?
  9. Religion and its effects on poverty
  10. What is the most exceptional approach to preach a religion?
  11. Reincarnation verses Resurrection
  12. Why do distinct religions have diverse viewpoints about same sex marriage and abortion?
  13. Issues of priests’ sexual abuse with minors and how should this be stopped?
  14. Are religious people sincerely happy in a contemporary world?
  15. What makes Pentecostalism one of the rapidly growing religious phenomena in the past century?
  16. Is social media effective or beneficial in spreading the faith?
  17. Jewish understandings of human nature
  18. Why there is gender discrimination in some religions?
  19. Why different religions have varied viewpoints and penalties for individuals who commit suicide?
  20. The nature and significance of miracles

When writing a research paper, bear in mind that it is fundamental to teach what you have learned; in like manner, you have to consider your target readers and outline your writing to help them learn. Note that poorly composed research papers do not get read and these have lesser chances of getting published. Remember that papers do not get read cannot have significant impact.

Take into consideration that in writing a research paper, it is valuable to select an appropriate design and ensure to hold to it. It is highly advised to only make use of concrete, specific and definite language, omit unnecessary words, do the needed revisions and rewrite.