How And Where To Find A Research Paper Outline: APA Style Tips

APA refers to a style developed by the American Psychological Association, which is used for the purpose of writing or publishing academic documents, for instance, articles, journals, and books among others. Finding an APA format sample paper is not like finding a needle in a haystack. There are various sources.

The most obvious one is the universities. Where else rather than a school will you find an academic sample paper? In the university, you have other sources from where to get the sample from. First, are the lecturers. They are responsible for teaching these types of style, so they will definitely have an answer to what you are looking for. Students can also be of help since one or two of them could be writers, therefore knowing more on APA and other styles. The library is another source. There are countless books stacked on those shelves, some even covered in dust, that contain the information you need. Lastly, are the exams and assignments given to the students. In some of those papers, these academic styles of writing have been used. However, not many will realize that.

Another obvious and definite source is researching online. Google is one place you surely cannot miss the sample paper. You will get hundreds of search results and they will all be yours to choose. Blogs are another place online to get your sample paper. Some writers have blogs for the sole purpose of educating people. School/university websites will also have them since some students, lecturers and researchers will post some of their papers, hence you could use them as a sample. The American Psychological Association’s website is another place you can get a sample online since they are responsible for developing that style. And lastly, is the Online Writing Lab (OWL) from Purdue University. It offers all writing resources online.

The public library is another place you can get a sample paper, if you are not able to access any online related content or a school. With millions of books, papers, newspapers, journals etc. stocked inside there, all you need is to either sign up as a member or ask the librarian to assist you with what you are looking for.

Finally, one can pay a visit to a publishing company. Since they deal with printing and publication of books, papers (among them research), it is easy to acquire a sample from them, if you ask, that is.