Writing A Research Paper On Marketing: Planning Tips

Research papers are one of the most important assignments that you will receive as a student of higher education, whatever be your field of studies. For students of commerce and business management, marketing is one of the most common and basic topic. To write a good paper on marketing one should plan the whole structure of the paper before hand and be very systematic with all the references and data they are going to use. The following suggestions have been tried and tested by student for ages for the proper planning of their papers on marketing:

  • Keep enough time in hand: Don’t leave out your assignment for the last moment as marketing research paper can be highly time consuming and confusing particularly if you are new to it. Leaving it out for last moment compilation will only make matters worse and copied papers from internet do not hold much chance against those which are original ad unique.

  • Explain the role and importance in the introduction: the importance of your research paper should be explained in the introduction itself with proper arguments in support of your work. The work would get obsolete if you cannot explain the vitality of conducting such research.

  • The research paper should be chronologically maintained: the paper should comprise of an introduction, a title page, the table of contents, an executive summary, introduction, qualitative and secondary researches, experimentations if used, observations, survey and data analysis, limitations, conclusions, references etc. all in a compact and proper order of sequence.

  • The paper should be written with depth of thought: the paper should not appear to be a compilation of data and information alone but should have sound and original reasoning for every argument that you make in the course of the paper.

  • There must be clarity of information: do not skid over facts and topics you are unsure of. Your work should have enough clarity and must not leave the readers in any doubt about the authenticity of information that you are discussing in your paper.

  • Plan your entire paper before beginning to write it: for optimum time management, the best thing to do would be making a rough draft of the way you are going to proceed with your research and then beginning your writing of the same.

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