Writing A Term Paper About Japan: Useful Tips And Tricks For Newbies

The best papers about Japan have not been written by Japanese. This means that you do not need to be Japanese, lived in Japan or know Japanese language to write an excellent term paper about the country. How then do you produce an A+ paper about a country that is miles away?

Develop Interest

Your approach when writing the essay will highly depend on your dedication. Once you have been given Japan as a topic, develop interest in the country. Begin to follow news items about the country, culture and its people. Begin to read books and blogs about Japan. If you know a person who has been there or knows a lot about the place, organize to interview or have a chat with him. Do not let anything about Japan escape your attention.

Begin Early

Japan may be a new area of study to you. This means that you will be required to sift through a lot of information to ensure that your term paper is detailed and factual. This can only be achieved with adequate preparation and extensive research. With enough time, you have an opportunity to read books, journals, watch videos and listen to all the materials about Japan. It will make your writing process easier and rewarding.

Choose a Specific Area

The topic “Japan” is extremely wide and cannot be exhausted in a single term paper. This demands that you narrow down your term paper topic on Japan to something like Technology in Japan, Politics in Japan, The Culture of Japanese People, etc. This allows you to focus on a specific area which will guide your research and writing process.

Know Where to Get the Information

A lot of information is available about Japan, their culture, politics, history, development, etc. Some of it is reliable while a lot more is not. This means that you must carefully select your information source. Some of the reliable sources include:

  • University libraries- these institutions thoroughly check the materials stocked in their shelves for authenticity. You are guaranteed legitimate information.
  • Reliable Blogger- some bloggers conduct thorough research before posting statistics, news items and information. Ensure that information from blogs and websites is reliable.
  • Official websites- government and institutional websites provide reliable information worthy including in your term paper. Check their tourism websites or portals run by their missions across the world.

Finally, it is important to be convincing. Do not be apologetic about your not being Japanese or never visiting the place. Write your term paper about Japan like an expert who is Japanese and has lived therefore forever. Make it appear as though you know a lot more that could not fit into the paper.