A List Of Successful Term Paper Topics On Medical Technology

Students that are taking up a medical course will from time to time be asked to write a good paper on different technologies that are currently in use in the medical industry, and it is important for you to ensure that you are able to deliver based on the given requirements of the paper you are working on.

In this regard, it is always a good idea to ensure that you find a suitable title for the work that you are about to do. Most of the time, students are encouraged to spend as much time as they can to ensure that they come up with noteworthy titles, because it is only through this that they can be able to convincingly support their ideas and make the teachers believe in the work that they have done. Most importantly, be sure to maintain a certain level of integrity in the paper.

The following are some useful topics that might come in handy for you while you try to present one of the best works that you have ever done so far as a medical student.

  • A historical timeline of the advancement of alternative medicine in the American industry
  • Evidence based support on alternative and complementary therapy
  • Technological advancement in the approach of alternative medicine
  • A discussion on the use of tactic target for brain tumors
  • How to use technology to make injections less painful for the patients
  • Research has shown that the office inkjet printer can be used to identify infectious diseases. Provide further assertions to this hypothesis
  • Discuss the use of sound in separation of cancerous cells from blood samples
  • Discuss the concept of generation of new blood vessels in mice through nano technology, and how this can affect the future of medicine as we know it
  • Discuss how macula imaging can be enhanced through the use of technology
  • Improving the management of diabetes through the manufacture of additives. Discuss citing relevant sources and theories
  • Discuss the concept of stimulating the brain through magnetic use
  • Explain how the shortage of organ donors can be addressed through 3D bio-printing
  • There are reports of an injectable polymer whose function is to prevent patients from bleeding to death. Discuss how this and other similar innovations are taking medical technology from the labs and into the real world
  • Discuss some of the current innovations in as far as cell structure is concerned and the importance that they have on the future of medical technology