How To Come Up With Interesting Ethics Research Paper Topics

There s an unlimited number of topics on which you can write an essay. In order to reduce the difficulty of doing so, you must decide what is the purpose of writing this work.

While in lower grades, the teacher may assign the subject and purpose to students; this is no longer possible at university level. Generally, the purpose or the type of test you are going to write, you must decide before you start.

However, as you progress through your studies degree, you will find more options to choose what you're writing and for what purpose. The purpose of the topic can be discussed, inform, entertain or summarize an issue.

Good topics for research papers

Here we give you a list of essay topics for college students:

  1. 1. Why do we sleep?
  2. 2. How is it that GPS systems actually work?
  3. 3. Who was the first individual to reach the North Pole?
  4. 4. What happens when the human body is exposed to the use of steroids excessively?
  5. 5. Are insects repellants useful at all?
  6. 6. Are bulletproof clothes any good?
  7. 7. What type of Olympic events were practiced in Greece?

If you want to express your opinion about something or discuss a particular point of view, you may choose to write on a subject of controversy. Note that ideas about these issues may appear in news, current events, laws in conflict or something you're passionate about.

Pros and cons

Moreover, If you are going to discuss something, be sure to mention their advantages and disadvantages as well as to present sufficient factual evidence to support your opinions. It is always important to lean verifiable facts if you are discussing or simply inform your audience is a controversial topic.

Creative storytelling

If you are looking for a creative theme, you can tell a story. This story may try something you've personally experienced, or maybe that affected someone else or you can simply try something new. Many school work is based on storytelling. However, its amount, as subject work considerably decreased in the higher grades, with the exception of literary narrative.

When a teacher wants to see what was learned in a particular subject; usually calls for a book report or a summary is made. The themes of these works are already determined by the contents of the same book or work to be summarized. Also, you can make the summary of an event.


If you have total freedom to choose the topic to write about, you might prefer one that passionate about. At school, typically a number of tasks is assigned; not every day you have the freedom to express what you feel passionately.

For instance, writing an essay on one of your favorite songs, it's good because you can express something very personal; furthermore you will inform others about what they cannot easily know. If you choose a topic you are passionate about, it will be easier to widely express; you know better, and find information to enrich the content.

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