Great Topic Suggestions To Compose A Good Research Paper About Waste Management

No matter who we are or what we do, we all produce wastes, some more than others. It can often be a sensitive topic, and many people are uncomfortable discussing it, yet, it is a fact of life that we cannot ignore. Here are ten topic suggestions on waste management:

  1. Third world country sewage and its relation to contagious diseases
  2. Most third world countries lack a regulated sewer system so many households use open hole lavatories. Investigate the possibly that this practice is the cause of many contagious diseases present in these countries.

  3. Recycling of non-biodegradable materials
  4. Investigate the the feasibility of governments making increased efforts to promote recycling.

  5. How can we test the biodegradability of materials
  6. Recently many plastic brands have been advertised as “bio-degradable”. Explore the means that are used to determine the accuracy of this claim.

  7. Human manure and its possible benefits
  8. Many may scorn the idea, but studies have shown human manure to be a very good fertilizer. Should more efforts be taken to make this an acceptable practice in society?

  9. Garbage disposal Sun
  10. Many claim we are running out of space on earth and should therefore seek out locations outside of earth to dispose our garbage. Can the sun be considered a viable option?

  11. Nuclear waste
  12. The earth contains tonnes of nuclear materials that decompose to fuel the heated core. Why is the nuclear waste produced in power plants so dangerous?

  13. Modern sewage works
  14. Developed countries posses extensive sewage systems. Do these structures play a major role in preventing the development and spread of contagious diseases?

  15. City Garbage collectors
  16. Is hiring private companies to collect garbage an effective system when numerous small trucks contribute more significantly to greenhouse gas emissions than a centralized collection system would?

  17. Orbiting dump yard
  18. Satellites in orbit can often come apart, or explode violently, leaving assorted bits of debris floating in space. Investigate and give an estimate of the time it would take for the orbital space around earth to become inaccessible due to excessive materials from decommissioned satellites.

  19. Oceanic dump
  20. Somewhere in the pacific is a body of water where all water residing trash in our oceans seem float to. Countless bits of paper, plastics and various materials can be found in this place. How does this reflect on the garbage management systems that countries have in place?

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