How To Write An Effective Research Paper In A Matter Of Hours

Okay. So you have a research paper due tomorrow and you have completely forgotten about it. So, what are you going to do? I tell you what you are going to do. You are going to try to write a page every half an hour.

Now, this may not be the best paper you have ever written.

  1. 1. First, if you haven’t selected your topic—pick something quickly that you know a little something about or have strong feelings about. For example, I recently heard on the news that because of global warming, polar bears could soon be extinct.
  2. Now, I have strong feelings about this so I could quickly dash off an introduction that says just that, in this fashion

    Yesterday on the news, I heard that if global warming caused by destructive human behaviors does not cease, polar bears could be extinct by 2030. Certainly, none of use want to lose these beautiful animals. I believe we should all begin taking drastic action to ensure we do not lose animals in the Polar Regions through modifying our own behavior. In this essay, I’m going to list some ways we can all lessen our carbon footprint on the globe.

  3. 2. Now, I wrote that in three minutes and it was easy because I care about it. Pick something you care about and dash off an intro you may have to modify later.
  4. 3. Now, go research that topic—and let me tell you how.
  5. Open up another blank document and begin cutting and pasting quotes from articles about either—how polar bears are going to become extinct from global warming or how we can lessen our carbon foot print in hopes of saving them.

    The first option would probably be easier because the Internet will be flooded with recent research on this topic, I know.

    So start searching Google and use the best resources you can find, cutting and pasting the quotes you want into that blank document.

  6. 4. Immediately when you paste a quote, paste the URL under it
  7. Even if it looks ugly now—it will be pretty later.

  8. 5. After you have assembled all the quotes you will need for a research paper of this length, arrange them in the order you think they should come in the paper.
  9. 6. Now, look at the quotes—you will virtually see what you need to write to connect them in a cohesive way with your own writing.
  10. 7. You’re done!

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