List Of Unique Research Paper Topic Ideas For High School Students

High school students are expected to be able to write well thought out and thought provoking papers that demonstrate their skills. Many traditional topics quickly available to students can create a lack of interest on their part, and therefore can lead to a dull paper that they throw together at the last minute in order to get the assignment done.

The following topics move students toward unique ways of thinking, and challenge them to research issues they might not have otherwise thought of. These items will help to engage students in the project and in turn, they will discover more ways to research ideas and questions for future use.

List of both debate and persuasive issues that students can fully explore.

  • - Should the government subsidize renewable energy? How can this benefit your school? What financial impact could it have?

  • - Social media and school- Should teachers be allowed to interact with students on social media? What other forms of interaction would be better suited for school purposes?

  • - Should there be legal ramifications for bullies in school or outside of school? How might this stop bullying in your town? Would it possibly help with crime rates in your neighborhood?

  • - Why or why not should students be paid for holding good grades? Who would pay them? What sort of impact could this have on the mentality of students entering the workforce?

  • - Benefits and downfalls of tablets replacing traditional textbooks. Should your school make the move to this new technology? What possible problems could arise and how would the school administrators be able to control these issues?

  • - Based on the current physical curriculum for physical education and sports in your school, should they change the lunch menu to include healthier options for students? How can they better encourage positive eating habits? What other forms of positive body image do you think should be included within the school?

These issues can be expanded to include many questions and answers that may arise during their exploration. Many resources are available to them for to use, including the schools' website and their policies, procedures, current incentives to students, programs for student success and also township, city or government records. Encourage students to create as many questions as they can about their chosen topic, to create a complete picture, and answer them fully. Ultimately these papers are designed to help students explore their capabilities and learn to be resourceful.

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