15 Catchy Research Paper Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

There are many ways to get a good grade on a research paper. You must know your subject, use proper grammar and spelling, having a good bibliography, and so on. However have you ever thought about how your professor might feel while reading 50 assigned papers at once? Your professor is most likely bored out of his or her mind from reading paper after paper on very similar or dull topics. The key is to think about what you are interested in personally, or something that is a hidden issue in society today. You could also try to make your professor laugh with an ironic or silly topic.

Here are some examples with subtopics to get you started. Get your professor’s attention with these 15 catchy topics!

  1. 1. Why Assigning Research Papers is a Bad Idea
  2. 2. The university education system is broken, and it must be fixed.

  3. 3. Why Homework should be banned in public schools
  4. 4. How homework prevents learning.

  5. 5. Salaries Should Be Public
  6. 6. Can publicizing salaries lead to more wage equality?

  7. 7. How Standardized Testing Prevents Learning
  8. 8. Waste of time, money, and harmful to children.

  9. 9. Immigration Quota Systems Should Be Abolished
  10. 10. Abolishing quota systems could lead to economic gains

  11. 11. Why Every Child Should Learn Chinese
  12. 12. China is becoming more powerful both economically and culturally.

  13. 13. Religious Vaccination Exemption Should Be Abolished
  14. 14. Failure to vaccinate children for religious reasons should be considered child abuse and public endangerment.

  15. 15. The Powerlessness of Passwords: Internet Security
  16. 16. Most internet users re-use the same password, thus rendering password protection useless. How can this problem be solved?

  17. 17. Why Kindergarteners Need Sex Education
  18. 18. Children at a young age need to feel comfortable with their bodies and understand healthy boundaries.

  19. 19. Scientific Theories on the Formation of Earth
  20. 20. Do Teacher Salaries Correlate to Student Achievement?v

    21. Do teachers who get paid more work harder to see results from students?

  21. 22. The Need for Smart Device Safety Education in Schools
  22. 23. Everyone has a smartphone, but many young people do not understand how their smart phone can cause addiction that could ruin their lives.

  23. 24. The Power of Secular Morality: Does Religion Really Make Us More Ethical?
  24. 25. Why children should first be taught morals from a secular worldview.

  25. 26. I Gave Up Facebook for a Month
  26. 27. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
  27. 28. Why do many people hold on to homeopathic remedies and ignore scientific research?

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