20 Good Topics For Writing A Research Paper On The Zodiac Killer

Here are ten steps that must be used to write a good research paper on a current event:

Step #1: The student should have some knowledge of what the current event is about.

Step #2: It is always good to do research on the event to get an overview picture of it.

Step #3: It is good to read local newspapers and review news coverage of the topic as well.

Step #4: Many times, there will be several books written about the event, especially if it is something like a major tragedy.

Step #5: The topic or chosen event should be one that will be of interest to the targeted readers.

Step #6: It is always good to do some preliminary research on the subject matter to determine if a research paper can be done on it.

Step #7: The student should do a preliminary outline of the subject matter before writing the paper.

Step #8: The writer will use the preliminary outline as a guide to conducting research on the topic.

Step #9: The outline will be used as a guide for the student when they begin writing the term paper.

Step #10: The student should write a rough draft of the paper before doing the final draft of the research paper.

Here are a few more steps to writing a good term paper on a major event:

Step #11: The student should have a third party review their term paper for any possible errors in sentence format, grammatical, and misspellings.

Step #12: The final draft of the writing assignment must be carefully checked for any possible writing issues and corrected before being turned in for the final grade.

Here are a few good topics for a term paper on the Zodiac killer:

  • Who actually was the Zodiac killer?
  • What motivated the Zodiac killer to commit murders in the 1970s?
  • Can do a case summary analyzing the major facts of the Zodiac killings.
  • Did the police have enough manpower to catch the Zodiac killer?
  • With the advancements in the crime scene investigation techniques, would it be easier to catch the Zodiac killer today?
  • Can the police find the killer after so many years going by?
  • Why did the murders stop abruptly in the mid-1970s?
  • The police methods used to investigate the Zodiac murders can be analyzed.
  • Can determine if the Zodiac killer was a police officer and how this made it easy for him or her to get away with the murders?
  • What advancements have been made in police investigation skills that make it easier for police to solve murders in the 21st Century?
  • Would it have been easy to solve the Zodiac murders with social media?
  • Did the Zodiac killer actually resurface in the 1990s in New York or was he just a copycat?
  • Is the Zodiac killer still alive after forty years?

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