Top 12 American History Research Paper Topics About 20th Century

The Americans has a rich history that dates back from the 18th century down to the new millennium year 2000. The following topics will help you write your own research paper:

  • - The peak of industrialization and the birth of early construction technological advancements in American soil and how it brought forth people from the different parts of the world: Its positive effects on their economy as a free country.
  • - A study on how legal slavery helped improved the infrastructure sector of America, how the Blacks asked for equal rights with the Whites and how the former was abolished and totally eliminated.
  • - A research on how Americans established their first education curriculum, manage the early educational academies and learning institutions in the country and improved the performance of their students in any field of interest or study.
  • - A thesis on how Americans choose their leaders in an election, the process of how they accept victory or defeat in the contest and how it affects all sectors or agencies of government.
  • The birth of technological aspects of communication and the start of developing metal as a means of improving construction related endeavors.
  • - How a change in the US Constitution prohibited citizens from buying, selling and even possessing alcoholic drinks whether at home, school and especially in public places.
  • - A study of how the US government was able to control and carefully manage the rampant spread of gangster-related crimes in their respective states: A primary indicator ineffective keeping of peace and order in every community.
  • - The story behind the exorbitant prices of land and how it contributed to the failure of agricultural activities in the country.
  • - How racial discrimination and unfair labor practices contributed to the turmoil in some American territories in the early 19th century.
  • - The effects of the first world war to the agricultural sector of the United States of America.
  • - The event when women were given an equal right by their government to exercise their right to vote for their leaders.
  • - The period when America’s economy prospered brought about by the businesses serving local energy to consumers in order for them to utilize electric current, the manufacture and sale of cars and the trends of supplying renewable energy to attract tourist and other foreign visitors.

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